Designing Density for the Suburbs by Taylan Tahir

Suburban development should challenge the contemporary suburban vernacular

In areas characterised as suburban, there are a multitude of opportunities for land owners to bring forward sites proposing unique, contemporary and contextual residential developments. By offering a genuine alternative to the generic ‘cookie cutter’ new-build apartments that flood the property market, smaller boutique developers might set themselves apart in the marketplace.

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BIM in a Small Architecture Practice by Taylan Tahir

BIM in a Small Architecture Practice

BIM is a collaborative process to create and manage all of the information on a construction project across the project lifecycle. A key component of this is the Building Information Model, a three-dimensional, digital description of all of the information within a building project. This digital model develops as a project evolves to coordinate architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical detail, allowing architects, consultants and contractors to work using the same information.

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Parametric Design at MATA Architects by Taylan Tahir

Parametric design at MATA Architects

Parametric design is often associated with giant stadia and tall tower design however it can also be implemented at much smaller scales as a way to test, iterate and evaluate designs, as well as streamline the design process.

We utilise parametric design processes at early stages of design to allow us to experiment with our proposals at concept design stage to quickly generate and appraise multiple iterations of a design concept.

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Our Recently Completed Project for Monty’s Deli Features in Wallpaper* Magazine by Taylan Tahir

Our recently completed project for Monty’s Deli features in Wallpaper* magazine

We are excited to see our recently completed project for Monty’s Deli in Hoxton featured in Wallpaper* magazine.

As our first completed restaurant project Monty’s Deli has been a great learning process, if a little fast paced at times.

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Do I Need Planning Permission For My Extension? The Answer Might Be Simpler Than You Think by Taylan Tahir

Do I Need Planning Permission For My Extension? The Answer Might Be Simpler Than You Think

It is important to distinguish between an extension that necessitates a detailed planning application and one that falls under Permitted Development (PD). This post examines some of the criteria for Permitted Development and, conversely, identifies where planning permission should be sought. We then explore a number of extensions that would fall under permitted development and, through diagrams, illustrates some of the constraints of permitted development.

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Planning Approval Won on Holloway Road by Taylan Tahir

Planning Approval Won on Holloway Road

We are delighted to have won planning approval from the London Borough of Islington for our new build, mixed use, scheme on the Holloway Road. Located within a shopping parade in the St Mary Magdalene conservation area, the scheme comprises commercial space at ground floor with three great flats above.

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