Black Box: An Extension That Will Actually Make Your Life Bigger and Better / by Taylan Tahir

We are delighted that Black Box, our residential extension in Islington, London, has been featured in a recent article in the Sunday Times Homes Section: Extensions That Will Actually Make Your Life Bigger and Better by Martina Lees. Read the full article here.


The project was included for it’s use of off-site manufacture. While we didn’t set out to deliver a prefabricated scheme we arrived there via two incentives:

1.       Cost savings; we tendered the same build package of shutters and external envelope to a number of specialist fabricators based in locations from London to Edinburgh. It’s not really surprising that a fabricator based just outside Edinburgh has substantially lower overheads than their competitors in London, giving them an edge.
2.       Precision; we ultimately developed the design for the shutters and envelope in collaboration with said specialist fabricator in Scotland. Distance was never a problem with video conferencing and transfer of all design information via 3D models and measured surveys. Ultimately, the envelope and shutters were assembled and tested in factory conditions before shipping to site. The working process and offsite testing allowed for a very high degree of precision and unusually low construction tolerances.


The project has also generated further interest in the architectural press and has been featured in various industry journals and magazines including; Architects Journal, BD Online, Design Boom.


See more images from this project here and read a full case study of the project here.