Bridge Studios

Client: Architecture Foundation
Budget: £50,000
Location: Hackney
Status: Competition Entry, in collaboration with Entuitive and Atmos Lab


Bridge Studios perches on the parapets of two flat-roofed buildings overlooking Regent’s canal. It contains 6 makers’ studios around 10.5sq.m (3.5m x 3m) each and a central communal space of 21sq.m.  The structure consists of flitched softwood trusses (no. 4) clad in polycarbonate and timber with recycled newspaper insulation.  The trusses form their own temporary works during construction allowing them to be launched incrementally between buildings.

At 24m long and 5m wide, the bridge comprises a south facing passageway (1.2m wide) and the north facing studios with canal views.  It also creates a new direct link between the two roofs to help activate the currently under-utilised eastern roof.

The structure employs passive strategies for thermal comfort. During summer months the studios are cooled via cross-ventilation and shaded from direct sunlight by the passageway. During winter months the passageway becomes a conservatory acting as a buffer and pre-heating air for the insulated studio workspaces.

Studios face north to benefit from diffuse daylight, optimal light for creative working environments. Tailored openings in the north façade facilitate airflow and clear views over the canal.

Bridge Studios offers unique creative work space and generates income to pay for itself.


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