Jack Bowen

Architectural Designer

Jack spent his childhood in North Yorkshire, where he grew to appreciate family trips hiking to the countryside. Travelling in the UK and abroad gave him an appreciation for culture, art and a sense of place. It seemed that architecture was a natural subject where all these topics convene.

He completed a foundation course at Leeds College of Art where he created architectural experiments through coding. He studied architecture at Nottingham Trent University where he represented his cohort at the student council for all 3 years, and later the London School of Architecture where his thesis project explored ‘vegan architecture’; a built environment designed for all users, both animal and human.

During his career to date, Jack has gained experience at a range of practices in the UK and abroad in Brussels and Seville. He has a passion for crafted, sustainable, and social architecture. He joined MATA in 2022 where he continues to develop and test these ideas in built form.

In his free time, Jack loves going for runs, playing football, but especially playing his acoustic guitar.

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