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We approach every project as a unique challenge and opportunity. Each project will have its own singularities that invite a different response and the widely varied nature of our designs is testament to this.

MATA Architects is an RIBA Chartered architecture practice founded in 2015 as a collaborative studio to develop projects at a range of scales; from bespoke furniture design and interiors to larger scale extensions and new build.

We believe in the value and power of thoughtful and considered architecture that puts people and communities first. The spaces we make have the ability to profoundly affect everyday lives. We want to make places that change people’s lives for the better – places that inspire and enrich, not only the lives of all who experience them, but also of those involved in the collaborative process of making them.

We approach each new project from first principles, challenging assumptions and cemented ‘truths’ in a constructive and explorative way. Every project is unique and requires its own particular set of responses.

Our work is guided by the fundamentals – manipulation of light and shadow, honest use of materials put together inventively with the aim of creating spaces that are beautiful but at the same time functional and pragmatic.

We enjoy working closely with our clients to create an open and collaborative relationship that results in crafted and bespoke solutions.

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“We loved the idea of the first floor as this dynamic black box that could be reconfigured and were delighted that, following a lengthy and, at times, delicate planning process, MATA was able to obtain full consent. While the consent included the ground-floor extension we chose to prioritise and phase the works, beginning with the first floor.

MATA prepared detailed drawings and specifications for tenders, which they invited and managed. They negotiated savings with contractors on our behalf and administered the building contract. While the construction phase was bumpy at times, they remained professional throughout and a genuine ally. We now have a beautiful and highly functional, if rather unconventional, first-floor extension.”

— Marc & Gerard





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