Low-Res Boulevard

Client: London Borough of Croydon
Budget: £2m
Location: Croydon
Status: Competition
Collaborators: Competition Entry, in collaboration withPavegen, Jonathan Roberts Design


Low Res Boulevard is a radical proposal that re-imagines the urban streetscape as a digital landscape capable of harvesting energy and data from pedestrians  and, simultaneously, feeding back information to them.

We propose to embed Pavegen arrays at key pedestrian traffic nodes within the urban environment in Croydon. Pavegen is a smart flooring system that generates electricity from footsteps and has the ability to capture a range of data within the urban environment.

We propose a new application of Pavegen that links the Pavegen array to an array of powerful LED’s embedded at nodes between ‘dumb’ paving tiles in the immediate vicinity. This LED array is effectively a grid of pixels overlaid on the street, capable of transforming the public realm into a lightshow, a billboard for advertising, a system for way finding, a datascape and much more; The street becomes a canvas for fluid and ever changing content.


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