Melville Avenue

Client: Private
Budget: N/A
Location: Croydon
Status: Pre Construction
Structure: Entuitive
M&E: P3r
Planning Consultant: Savills

Croydon Suburban Design Guide Case Study


A 7,000 sq. ft. new build residential scheme in Croydon, South London.

This proposal for 7 apartments challenges the aesthetic of the contemporary suburban vernacular.

Two initial concepts drove the layouts – A direct view from each front door through to the garden while individual street entrances save on communal areas and increase privacy.

The street facing elevation of the building mediates between the building line of its neighbours, continuing an existing rhythm of gables either side.

The ground floor datum and below is clad in a hand-made, contemporary linear format brick. First floor and above is clad in earthy clay tiles, taking cues from the local context.

This project has been included in Croydon Council’s supplementary design guidance document as a case study exemplifying good suburban design.


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