Michael Asante

Architectural Assistant

Growing up in the bustling city that is London, Michael quickly recognised the city – its markets, shopfronts, restaurants and parks – as hubs of collective culture and life.

With family in the UK and abroad, he travelled often, experiencing different cultures and ways of life. These experiences proved to be foundational and coupled with his growing love for contemporary art, he studied architecture to encompass his numerous interests.

Michael is currently undertaking his Master’s of Architecture at the Royal College of Art. Having worked at well known practices both in the UK and Japan, he believes in the importance of gaining diverse experience in order to contribute successfully in a world that is constantly changing.

In his spare time, Michael has a keen interest in film photography; exploring rural and urban areas and taking pictures of the everyday. An avid lover of music, he also plays the bass guitar with his friends in a four-piece band called Above Clouds.

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