Client: Private
Budget: N/A
Location: Queens Park
Status: Completed, 2021

Kitchen Consultant: Commercial Catering Contracts
Plant Design: Plants by Dan

The design for Carmel was developed around the idea of sharing food and communal eating, as well as being influenced and shaped by the characterful light industrial space the restaurant is housed in. 

The space is arranged around two focal points; a long communal table with benches on one side, and an open kitchen with seating on the other. Seating both at the bar, and at a long banquette table add variety and a sense of intimacy to the space.

The material palette combines natural earthy materials, textures and tones; timber, terracotta, handmade tiles with all their imperfections. The walls are stripped back to reveal a patchwork of different brick courses and concrete beams, which tell the story of the space over time.

The all day dining experience is closely linked with the natural cycle of day and night. During the day the space is flooded with natural light via the restaurant’s glazed warehouse doors that open up to the street during the summer months. As the sun goes down the restaurant’s lights are dimmed and focused mainly on the dining surfaces so that darkness envelopes the diners. We wanted to replicate the sense of sitting around a fire to eat with night time all around.



The Guardian – Carmel, London NW6: ‘Exudes a twinkly joy’. January 2022.

Time Out – Carmel, Queens Park. December 2021

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