Courtyard Flat



Client: Private
Budget: Undisclosed
Location: Hampstead
Status: Planning

Structural Engineer: Float Structures

​Courtyard flat occupies the top floor of a large detached house in Hampstead.

The scheme involves a rooftop extension that comprises a new flat roof infilling a valley between two existing roof ridges, adding space to the flat by increasing headroom throughout and by creating a large double height space in the centre of the flat. This new space accommodates a mezzanine floor and an atrium, capped by a retractable rooflight.

The centrally located atrium performs as a courtyard, with circulation and living spaces arranged around it so that planting and natural light are brought into the depth of the plan and experienced from the moment one climbs the stairs into the flat. An external stair from the mezzanine leads up, within the courtyard, to a hammock-like floor set down from the roof where inhabitants can lounge outside, suspended between the courtyard below and the sky above.


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