Client: Private
Budget: N/A
Location: Northamptonshire
Status: Construction

The sensitive extension of a beautiful stone cottage in rural Northamptonshire for a young family.

In extending this house, we set out to retain and reuse, in as far as reasonably practicable, the existing stonework which, with the patina gained over a hundred years of weathering, tells the story of this building up until this moment in time.

The new, extended building fabric is finished in lime render to complement the stone. The result is a building that, whilst extended, shows a clear trace of the historic building outline. This juxtaposition adds a new chapter to the story of this building, bringing it into the 21st century, forming a home fit for a growing family whilst also celebrating it’s rich past.

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Client Testimonial

“The process of seeking out and hiring an Architect took us over a year. We looked at lots of different companies in Northampton as we thought it made sense to keep it local. What soon transpired was that none seemed to have the high spec ‘design’ that we were looking for. We finally found Dan and his wonderful team at MATA and the entire process has changed for us. We have been more than happy at each step of the process, with Dan being able to articulate our intentions into the most beautiful design. Thus elevating our original thoughts and expectations. Communication is always very clear and speedy and Dan has been sensitive to the local area whilst giving us lots of invaluable advice.

— Kharmel C & Adam G

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