Silecroft Beach Cafe



Client: Copeland Borough Council
Budget: £400,000
Location: Lake District, Cumbria
Status: Concept, Competition Entry

Structural: Entuitive
M&E: P3r
QS: Stockdale

Our proposal for the Silecroft Beach Cafe consists of a number of enclosed volumes unified below a single roof overhanging on every side.

Similar to a cluster of farm buildings, the scheme is as much about the spaces in between as it is about the enclosed spaces themselves. These incidental and intimate spaces in between are sheltered from winds and the elements where unscripted events and activities can occur.

The built form and corrugated roofing take cues from agricultural sheds in the local area. The roof overhang will shade from direct sunlight in the summer whilst the building will benefit from solar gain in the winter when the sun is lower.

The thermal performance of the building envelope will retain heat gain in the winter, whilst in the summer the roof profile will allow heat to escape to high level away from the occupied zone. In this way internal temperatures can be regulated largely passively with minimal mechanical systems and a largely naturally ventilated building.

High efficiency, self-modulating equipment will be used throughout in areas such as lighting and extraction. Heating and hot water will be provided by an air-source heat pump with weather compensation.

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