The Jewish Museum London



Client: The Jewish Museum London
Budget: N/A
Location: Camden
Status: Concept

QS: Exigere

The Jewish Museum London consists of two amalgamated Grade II listed Georgian townhouses attached to a historic piano factory to the rear.

MATA Architects were commissioned to complete an extensive refurbishment of the ground floor of the museum to include alterations to the Albert Street façade in order to increase street presence, the design of a small museum deli, the creation of an enhanced visitor entrance experience with improved orientation and reorganization of the museum shop and welcome gallery.

Our proposal features modular seating and tables to the welcome gallery allowing different arrangements to playfully meet the demands of activities and functions that change throughout the day. An upgraded museum shop spills out in to the welcome gallery overlapping retail, curatorial and educational programmes. MATA held consultation workshops with the numerous stakeholder groups and staff members during design development.


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