The Pleated Building



Client: Private
Budget: Undisclosed
Location: Tottenham
Status: Planning

The Pleated Building – industrial aesthetic meets minimal design principles.

The Pleated building is a new build workspace and headquarters in Tottenham for our client, Herts Heritage Building & Roofing.

Located in an area characterised by light industrial buildings, the design embraces an industrial aesthetic with minimal design principles.

Three storeys clad in lightweight corrugated natural zinc sit atop a solid brick base.

The interior workspaces and ancillary uses such as canteen, gym and wellness space are arranged around a central atrium capped with a large roof-light filling the main circulation space with natural daylight. An open staircase inhabits the void, connecting to and visible from all the work spaces around.

Industrial, cost effective and readily available materials are elevated through creative and unsparing detailing.

Modular cladding panels on the upper storeys are repeated on an angle to create the effect of a rhythmic and pleated facade. This is inset with minimal frame, face fixed glazing.

The brick base ground floor is inset with colour matched pigmented concrete lintels and deep window reveals.



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