Architectural Feasibility Studies

Get an informed opinion on your ideas, and gain clarity on your project’s scope, priorities and budget with a feasibility study.

What is an architectural feasibility study?

An architectural feasibility study is a comprehensive evaluation of the feasibility of a building project. It involves an in-depth analysis of the project’s viability from an architectural, financial, and environmental perspective. This study aims to determine whether a project is worth pursuing before significant investments are made in design and construction.

The feasibility study considers all aspects of a building project, including site analysis, zoning regulations, building codes, environmental impact, and budget. It provides a preliminary design that gives clients an early visual representation of the project, helping them make informed decisions about its feasibility.

Our approach to architectural feasibility studies

We approach this early-stage work as a ‘diagnostic’ stage. We’ll ask probing questions of your brief and budget and of your underlying assumptions. We’ll analyse your property and site in detail to reveal constraints and opportunities. Once these have been identified we can begin to prescribe solutions.

Whether you engage us for a full service or a more limited scope we will always look to start with a feasibility study exploring the full potential of your site, ideas and brief and with regard to your budget.

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We offer a ‘Project Discovery’ architectural feasibility service from £1,500 +VAT that includes:

  • Review relevant local design guides, planning policy and  comparable planning applications in order to build up a picture of precedent.
  • Carry out detailed analysis of the site and immediate environment to assess opportunities and constraints.
  • Floor plans and sketches illustrating options.
  • A 1 hour meeting in your home to discuss the project.
  • A 2 hour workshop in our studio or via zoom (you choose).
  • A written brief outlining the opportunities, risk, budget and project timeframe.
  • Guidance on next steps, additional consultants and approvals required.

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Why do an architectural feasibility study?

Our ‘Project Discovery’ architectural feasibility service will provide you with the tools you need to plan and embark on a successful project. It will give you clarity on what is achievable, guide you in setting priorities and help you to set a realistic budget you can stick to.

Is an architectural feasibility study right for me?

Our ‘Project Discovery’ architectural feasibility service is aimed at homeowners at the beginning of their journey. You will have an idea of your end goals but lots of questions about how to get there, costs, time, risk etc. We’ll aim to answer these for you. 

When is the right time to carry out a feasibility study?

In the fast-paced world of construction and development, time is money. It is crucial to quickly determine viable strategies for advancing a project to minimize capital expenditure.

That’s why conducting feasibility studies early in the development process is essential. These studies provide clarity on options before purchasing a site and can help identify any constraints that may arise post-purchase.

Even later in a project, when a planning appeal is dismissed, a developer may need to reassess their options. In this case, a new feasibility study can be immensely helpful in providing a clear path forward. By analyzing the inspector’s reasoning and designing a new approach accordingly, a new study can help identify potential pitfalls and ensure project success.

At every stage of a project, feasibility studies are a vital tool in helping developers make informed decisions and minimize risks. By providing valuable insights and clear strategies, they are an essential component in any successful construction or development project.


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