Sprucedale Gardens

Client: Private
Budget: N/A
Location: Croydon
Status: Planning Consented


This proposal is for the side and rear extension to a house in a private estate in Croydon, South London, where we have created two additional bedrooms and a reception room.

A 2m wide glazed roof creates a dramatic double-height and light filled new entrance to the house while also helping to distinguish between the existing and new parts.

Re-cladding the house in timber and rendering brickwork in white modernises the existing building while referencing the new additions.

We reconfigured the existing floor plans, changing the location of the staircase and front entrance to maximise the efficiency and usability of the new proposal.

To the rear of the building, away from the street, we are afforded more freedom. The bold extension to the house is visualised in warm vertical timber cladding, connecting the building to its leafy context.


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