Taylan Tahir


Caught somewhere between the city and the countryside, Taylan grew up staring up at the towering concrete and glass office blocks of Croydon.

It wasn’t until studying architecture he better understood the radical urban development of his hometown over the last 50 years and the emotional reaction that this divisive built environment elicited. Through this lens he developed a particular interest in the broader social, economic and political implications of developing architecture as well as the curiosity to find moments of joy in the everyday.

While educated at University of Nottingham and the Royal College of Art, he enjoyed a cross disciplinary approach to design while training alongside a broad spectrum of artists and designers.

At MATA, Taylan plays a prominent role in developing our diverse portfolio of projects through all RIBA Stages which includes the delivery of the widely published, dynamic ‘Black Box’ extension. He is a strong believer that good and open communication between all parties is key to the delivery of successful projects and highly values close relationships with clients, consultants and contractors.

Outside of the office Taylan loves finding time to get away from the city, either out on a countryside hike or feeling the wind in his hair on a long cycle around the Surrey Hills. He also spends far too much time illustrating mildly funny greetings cards for his online store and talking about himself in third person.

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